In-house made extracts. They have not been filtered, and no chemicals were used during the extraction. 

We use Organic Sunflower Oil to make extracts and infusions for a variety of reasons. The Sunflower Oil is edible, non-volatile, it is high in linoleic acid, and it contains Vitamins A, D, and E. It is stable; it does not have a distinct aroma. It helps to prevent skin infections and skin damage, and has a low probability of allergic reaction. Overall, it is a great nourishing product for healthy skin and hair.

We also offer Cold-Pressed, Herbal Extracts made from Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil and Organic Palm Fruit Oil.

  • The Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil is obtained from the first pressing of the olive and is left in its natural unrefined state. The appearance is a greenish yellow color with a characteristic aroma.

  • The Organic Palm Fruit Oil is extracted from the fruit of the Palm tree. It is a refined oil with a white to off-white color in appearance, without a distinct odor or taste, carrying high level of saturated fatty acids.

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