Medicinal Herbal Oils

These oils are infused for a minimum of six weeks and cold-pressed. They are pressed only once; they are not filtered, and no chemicals are used during the extraction. 

We use Organic Sunflower Oil to make extracts and infusions for a variety of reasons. The Sunflower Oil is edible, non-volatile, it is high in linoleic acid, and it contains Vitamins A, D, and E. It is stable; it does not have a distinct aroma. It helps to prevent skin infections and skin damage, and has a low probability of allergic reaction. Overall, it is a great nourishing product for healthy skin and hair.

These oils can be used and treated as a carrier oils for diluting essential oils. Please keep in mind that these are strong extracts and some of them have strong aroma, such as lavender. Please use caution while diluting essential oils in these extracts and during the use.