Private Label Service

Explanation of the service:

A product is manufactured and packaged by Earth Elements Organics and sold by other company under their brand. The Service allows the customer to take their brand to the next level. In other words, we become a first-tier supplier of the product and the customer handles its brand, marketing and sales.

This is an absolute win-win scenario for everyone involved. Supplier and customer devote their funds, time, and resources to strategies which bring great return to the both companies. While the end-user will receive the top-quality product meeting his/her need.  

A customer can customize the product to match the company's brand and to meet the specific -  Occasion/Event/ Need/Purpose/ Promotion/ Product Line/ Gift


How does it work/the process: 

Earth Elements Organics:

  • We will work with your company (our customer) towards the product of your choosing.

  • We will make the product of your choice, provide samples for evaluation, and customize it for your needs.

  • We will source and submit the print job for the label.

  • We will ship the final product to your site, with your label, ready for sale. 


  • Choose the ratio/strength for the product (samples of various ratios/strengths are provided during each round of product sampling).

  • Submit the design for the label (if you choose to do the design in-house). We provide design services upon request.

  • Submit a Purchase Order.

Type of products: Balms, Chap sticks 

These are the most common products we currently provide. For other product inquiries, please contact us at: