Comfrey Oil (100% Organic)

Product Description

High in skin building properties, this oil will allow damaged skin to regenerate by forming new, healthy skin cells.

  • Promotes wound healing and minimizes the creation of scar tissue.

  • A skin moisturizer which allows skin tissue to regain its elasticity.

  • Helps to reduce swellings, inflammations and sores.


Ingredients: Organic Comfrey Leaf [Symphytum officinale], Organic Sunflower Oil [Helianthus annuus]

WARNING: DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. Ingesting the extract would cause liver damage. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY or EXTERNALLY while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

$ 63.50

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Customer Reviews

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Amy Wilkinson
I love this company, I love their products!!!!

My husband was born with really touchy skin. He's not a wimp in any way. He grew up as a rugged Colorado mountain boy (we live in Utah now). He got a massive rash reaction due to toenail fungus medication. We tried everything we could think of with his mother's advice (she was an herb/natural healer and advocate). He finally agreed to see a Dermatologist who tried 3 different topical medications before finally prescribing a steroid cream. This process took well over a year and his skin was constantly itching, red, and swollen, and he's one of those who suffers in silence. He hated using the steroid cream. I finally decided to make a cream from scratch and after 10 herb books found a recipe we were comfortable with. It had comfey infused oil in it and I did not want to make my own so I searched through Amazon and online where I found Earth Elements. It was one of those "this is the company we need" moments which have no explanation. So glad I did. Made the salve, his skin started to clear up within a couple of weeks. He stopped using the salve and the irriation came back. I discovered Earth Elements sells larger quantites of the oil which allows me to make larger batches. We've purchased Comfrey oil and Chamomile Oil and we are really pleased with them both. Not to mention I think their sunflower oil is the nicest base I've used. We are going to be long term customers of Earth Elements. Thanks guys for having such healthy and effective products.