Stress Reliever with Calming Effects

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Product Description

100% Organic

A blend of Lavender & Lemon Balm Herbal Oils. Combats stress, hypertension, and nervous imbalance makes this blend perfect for massages. Promoting white blood cells’ creation, reducing tension, and providing warmth to the cardiovascular system. The extract will help you to restore calmness and balance of your body and mind. The oil is safe for children. Make sure it is applied in places where children can’t lick it such as back of the neck, temples, or chest.

WARNING: AVOID Lavender during epilepsy and fever! Lemon Balm tends to lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is a serious disorder; please seek licensed practitioner for advice.

Ingredients: Organic Lavender Flowers [Lavandula angustifolia], Organic Lemon Balm Leaf [Melissa officinalis], Organic Sunflower Oil [Helianthus annuus]


$ 37.50