St. JOHN'S WORT (Hypericum perforatum) 0

Delicate yellow flowers hold a blood red liquid – an oil – in their pedals. When pedals are pressed their dark colored glands, located at the end of the pedals, releases a rich, dark color oil which contains the healing constituents. Since its’ incorporation into American herbal medicine, in the late 17th century, the plant has been used for treating bruises, burns, wounds, sores, skin irritations, and inflammations. A powerful pant that helps to relieve an area affected by nerve pain and injury; particularly body parts with many nerve endings such as head, spine, fingers, toes, and lips.  Taking internally, the plant acts as a restorative and neuroprotective agent. It is well known for its ability to treat nervous anxiety and exhaustion, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), psychological disorders, and depression. A highly regarded topical aid, this remarkable plant that has been widely sought by medical and medicinal practitioners in the past few decades.