Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) 0

A remarkable plant, originally brewed to treat inflammation and irritation of the mouth and throat, to reduce fever, and relieve menstrual pain. Adding the herb into a steam bath would help to fight feverish colds, coughs, and rheumatism. Washes/compresses from leaves and bark would help to treat swellings, strained muscles, bruises, ease skin irritations, inflamed eyes (hot and tired), arthritis, back pain, sunburn, and hot swollen joints. Strong remedies made out of bark or leaves are used to treat internal as well as external ailments such us mucous membranes, sore throat, bleeding gums, internal bleeding (excessive menstruation, lungs, stomach and uterus), diarrhea, eye, hemorrhoids, inflammations, skin irritations, eczema, minor cuts and abrasions, varicose veins (tightening and restoring structure affect), broken capillaries, piles, bedsores, and muscle pains. Soothing, widely used by modern herbalists, a first-aid plant praised for its astringent-medicinal properties for centuries.